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Nutrition:  Chinese Dietary Remedies*

Reestablishing Health One Meal at a Time

Chinese Nutritional remedies--Reading/Wakefield, MASimply put, food is medicine.  Within Chinese medicine, nutrition is integral to preserving, promoting and reestablishing health.*  Unlike Western nutrition, which focuses on the biochemical properties of food (such as vitamin and mineral content), Chinese nutrition emphasizes its energetic aspects. When applied to health, the energetic properties of different foods can be used to harmonize or balance an individual suffering from a particular disorder.*  We typically talk about food as being warming, cooling, moistening or drying.

For example, if a person tends to be deficient, cold, and fatigued, we would recommend eating warming, nourishing foods such as ginger, garlic and lamb, while avoiding cooling foods such as cold raw vegetables or ice cold drinks.  On the other hand, for people with robust constitutions and tendencies to being hot, we might recommend avoiding spicy foods and alcohol.  In each case, the beauty of Chinese nutrition is that it follows Chinese medicinal principles thus allowing us to provide dietary recommendations specific to each individual’s needs.  Once one understands how to integrate the appropriate foods into his or her daily life, health can be promoted and reestablished.*

At Family Acupuncture & Herbs of Reading, we believe diet is of utmost importance to being healthy, and we can provide nutritional recommendations as part of our treatment protocols for interested patients.  Contact us to find out more about our services or to receive a free consultation.

*Disclaimer:  Specific results are not guaranteed.  Results may vary from person to person.