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Angry and Irritable Much?  Herbs Can Help You Calm Down in 72 Hours*

Chinese Herbs for Irritability and Anger

Did you know that one of our most powerful tools for addressing emotional issues is Chinese herbs?*  Our herbal formulas can be especially useful in helping patients take the edge off their anger and irritability, often doing so in approximately 72 hours.*

Bring Out Your Inner Buddha

Here’s how quickly it worked for one person:

I had no idea how much Chinese herbs could help me manage my emotions.  I came to see Jose for help with my unexpected anger.  Before I had kids, I swear I was a calm and peaceful person.  For whatever reason—perhaps the stress of raising children compounded with financial pressures and career challenges—I found myself frequently losing my temper with my kids.  I couldn’t control my irritability—no matter how much exercise or meditation I did.  The more that I lost my temper, the worse I felt about myself and the more likely I was to lose my cool again.  I turned to herbs because I didn’t like the parent I was becoming and knew that my kids deserved better.  Incredibly, after less than 24 hours of taking the herbs, I was calm again.  The edge had been taken off my anger—so much so that when my son did something that damaged new marble stone work in my home, I astonished myself (and my son!) by calmly talking to him about what had happened and not getting mad.  I’ve rediscovered my inner Buddha.  Thank you, Jose!

*Disclaimer:  Specific results are not guaranteed.  Results may vary from person to person.

Obviously, we can’t guarantee how quickly you might see results, or whether you will see results at all, but many of our patients have expressed to us that they’ve seen remarkable improvement.*  Interested in finding out how herbs can help you manage your emotions?  Contact us for a FREE, no obligation consult!

*Disclaimer:  Specific results are not guaranteed.  Results may vary from person to person.